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Parent Advisory

PAC Meeting

Aug. 12, 2019

Meeting opened at 3:30 with Angie, Katie, Chrissy, and Miranda in attendance – Allison arrived at 4:00.

Minutes from the last meeting were approved.  Voted to keep positions as-is.

A general discussion was had on all the activities we have throughout the year:

                Teacher Appreciation – Week of October 1st, will discuss meals next meeting. Katie will put together enough coupons for the Wolves Den to give to staff.

                Halloween Treat Street – October 26th. The City of Moorcroft can no longer accept the money from local businesses to help fund the event. Jesse will continue to mail out the letter, but all donations will come to PAC so Angie can deposit them in our school account, she will also give us the funds left in their account.  Katie will order bags. More discussion in next meeting.

                Literacy night – Ideas?  Teresa/Janet bring in another author?

                Spelling Bee – voted to allow Angie to pay the registration fee when it is due.

                Missoula Children’s Theater – January; Angie will call to get dates and play name. Allison may already have a lead on a place for the main actors to stay.

                Game Night & Science Fair – keep the same

Fundraisers:  T-Shirts – an order form was sent home in the welcome packets. Due Sept. 15th.

                          Frozen Food – we will order the ball/recreation set this year

                 – Allison will check into it and report at next meeting

Other Items:  Allison talked to Teresa about the volleyball and soccer nets. She said one soccer net is finished and the volleyball net is done, hopefully be put out this week.

                          Meet at MTC Sat. the 17th at 9:00 am to move Halloween stuff downstairs

                         Allison talk to Courtney about Box Tops

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm

Next meeting September 9th at 4:00 pm


Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary



May 6, 2019

PAC Minutes

Meeting began at 4:05 pm. In attendance; Angie, Katie, and Allison.  Minutes were read and approved.

Science Fair re-cap:  Very good turn out, with super experiments this year – kudos to the science teachers!!  Einstein winners were 6th grade; Kyler Sommers and RyLee Browen – soda pop dispenser, the new trophy was finished and ready to hand out that evening. Decided to go with first and second place winners for student choice and people’s choice – Angie will order ribbons.

Awards:  As above, Angie will order science ribbons, plus more spelling bee ribbons. She already talked to LuAnn about ordering trophies for the spelling bee and one for the geography bee.

Nets:  Angie received the nets for both soccer and volleyball and gave to the office.  Teresa talked to the highschool welding teacher about finishing the frames.

T-Shirts:  Angie sent the company what design we want, waiting for them to send a proof for us to approve.

Walmart:  Teresa gave Allison an e-mail about a Walmart program - $ for school. Not very clear, so will get more info.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm

Next meeting – August 12th @ 4:00 pm

Submitted by Allison, secretary


PAC Minutes

April 1, 2019

Meeting opened at 4:06 pm. In attendance; Mrs. Brown, Angie, Katie and Allison.  Minutes were read and approved.

Game night re-cap:  Evening went well, although not as many families as last year – only 18-20.  Next year we need to remind the children to be careful with the games (had one broken this year), and have an adult or two to watch over the corn-hole game so it is used properly (bean bags not just thrown around). Figure out a different way to award the games so the kids aren’t just standing around waiting for their number to be drawn – we want them playing the games with their family and friends!

Science Fair:  April 23rd 6:00-7:00 pm.  Allison make sure gym and tables are reserved – get info. from teachers. Same awards; Einstein, student choice and people’s choice.  Angie will have tickets, she and Katie will make the bowls (Allison tell them how many). Not setting up gym until after 3:00 that day, so students will have to come to the fair to vote that evening. Need to make sure everything is taken down afterwards for gym class the next day!

Meeting adjourned at 4:36 pm.

Next meeting May 4, 2019 @ 4:00 pm

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


March 4, 2019

PAC Meeting

Meeting opened at 4:05 pm. In attendance; Angie, Katie, Allison, and Char.

Minutes:  correct P/T conferences to March 7th and 8th.

Spelling Bee:  LuAnn will order trophies, Angie has ribbons

Teacher Appreciation meal:  Angie will get two large meat/cheese trays. Allison will get parents to bring finger foods, etc.

Game Night:  March 21, 6:30-8:30 pm. Angie will get games (24 games) and tickets for drawing, Teresa bring corn hole. Set up @ 6pm; Angie, Allison, Gavin, and a couple parents. Use new speaker we won from Frozen Foods for signing up early.

Science Fair:  April 23 – Angie get a letter out to teachers on date change from previous years. She is still looking for a place to make a new trophy.

T-shirt design for next year – Using a new company; Pride shirt w/ wolf in green. Need to get order forms asap in fall to hopefully get shirts in for homecoming.

Frozen Food next year – free gift, $300 in free activity balls.

Have LuAnn order Lorenzo Cherry a trophy for winning local Geography Bee, he is going to State.

Meeting ended @ 4:53 pm.

Next meeting April 1st 4:00 pm.

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


February 4th, 2019

PAC Minutes

Meeting opened at 4:10 pm. In attendance:  Angie, Katie, Allison, Chrissy, and Mrs. Brown. Minutes were read and accepted.

In our school account there is $12,444.22 – out of that we owe Oriental Trading for Box Top monthly prizes.

Angie has registered our name with Missoula Children’s Theater to have them here next January (2020).

Spelling Bee went well!  All but three students were in attendance, and a good number of parents/families. Ended up needing to use the bleachers after all – everyone was respectful and quiet on them.  Need to remember next year to ask families to stay until the end of their child’s event, not just their round.

Winners:  1st-4th; Valerie Mayfield and Brynn Wendling

                  5th-8th; Cade Williams – 1st  (not going to State), Madeline Sasse – 2nd, and Hailey Beasley 3rd. Alternates: Lorenzo Cherry, and Reece Foley   - Lorenzo will be going to State instead of Cade

Angie gave info to LuAnn to give to State, and will give her State info letter for the top three winners. State in March, we will reimburse $100 for those who go. 

Angie will check on how many ribbons we have and order more if necessary, and have LuAnn order trophies for top winners.

Teacher Appreciation:  March 6th 4-7pm, and March 7th 8-10am

                Allison will call to have parents bring finger foods, fruit trays, vegie trays, desserts, and breakfast treats

                Katie will bring something gluten free, Angie will get a meat/cheese tray.  Allison will also call parents to help set-up/clean-up

Game Night:  March 21st 6:30-8:30pm   Allison will reserve gym, and request tables and chairs, also call parents to help set-up. Games revolve more around math, Teresa bring corn-hole game.

Window Clings:  Teresa bought them and handed them out to staff and board members

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm

Next Meeting March 4th  @ 4pm

Submitted by Allison, secretary


January 14, 2019

PAC Minutes

Meeting started at 4:05 pm. In attendance; Angie, Katie, Allison, and Teresa for a few moments. Last month’s minutes were read and accepted.

Spelling Bee – January 29th 6:00 pm. till done. Allison will call 3 to 4 judges. Angie will ask Leslie to be pronouncer (addendum – Leslie is not available). Class bee’s need to be done and names given to Allison by the 24th at the latest (top 3 per class, top 9 per grade in J. H.). Allison will reserve gym, etc.

Game Night – March 21st 6:30-8:30 pm. in the gym. Angie will get games, at least 24 – leaning more toward math type games; see if Teresa is willing to bring her corn hole game again. Allison will reserve gym (need 12 tables, 6-8 chairs per table), and ask parents to help set up tables and games – set up at 6 pm.

Other Items:

                Parent/Teacher Conferences March 4, 5, and 7. Go with finger foods

                Science Fair move up to April 23rd.  Angie needs to order a new Einstein Trophy

                Ask Teresa if Student Council would be interested in selling the Window Clings

                Katie will look through Oriental Trading and order more prizes for Box Top winners

                Received an email from LuAnn dated December 11, 2018:

“After talking with Deb at Central and Kelly at Diehl’s, after the $11.94 is paid, that PA account will be closed and Parent Advisory will use our MK8 account. When you charge at Diehl’s, charge to account …. And then bring me the receipt. I will put in the PO and then your charges will show on our monthly statement”.


Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm

Next meeting February 4th

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary

December Meeting Minutes:



December 10, 2018


Meeting opened at 4:05 pm. In attendance: Angie, Allison, Mrs. Brown.

Last month’s meeting minutes were gone over, correction:  Need to transfer $833.54 from Pinnacle special account to our regular account, and close the special account ($800 going toward volleyball and soccer nets). Regular account has $480.53, and School account has $11,543: - $260 to Wolves Den for P/T gift card, and minus the frozen food total. Will have new balances next month.

Literacy Night recap:  Decent turnout, but not as many as we thought (around 40).  The students enjoyed listening to Cat, and going to the stations. Try not to have events like this on Thursdays if possible.

Window Clings:  have #100 to sell at games, etc. for $1.00 each.

Spelling Bee:  Must be done before Jan. 31st , so having it on January 24th at 6:00 pm. Will need 4 judges, Angie will ask Leslie to be pronouncer again. Go back to putting the spellers on the stage with the judges on the floor facing them. Only set up chairs behind the judges/pronouncer – NO bleachers! Cover or block off the front drinking fountain and close front gym doors – advise people to use the fountain and bathrooms in back of them. Stay with 1st-4th (3 students from each class), and 5th-8th (up to 9 per grade), top 3 winners will go to State and receive $100 from us. Need to get names of winners to State before Feb. 8th. State Bee will be in Rock Springs March 22nd-23rd.

Game Night:  Teresa would like us to incorporate more math-oriented games such as cards, Yahtzee, etc. have sometime in March.

Parent/Teacher conferences coming up on March 4th-5th, 7th.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Next meeting January 14th at 4:00 pm

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


PAC Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2018

Meeting began at 4:00 pm. In attendance: Angie, Allison, Teresa, Chrissy, Sarah and Michelle. Went over last month’s minutes, approved.

Halloween Festival went well. Had about 268 spook house tickets – raised $844.80, with $60 going to feed the actors.

Literacy Night:  Nov. 15, 6-8pm.  Michelle received the books she ordered for us to give out, and will group them according to grades. Cat Urbigkit will be the featured author. Will have four stations:  Reading, Anti-Bullying Chain, Origami Dog, and Draw a Sheep.  Angie will ask FCCLA kids to help at the stations.  Will also have 3 Subway cards for $10 to draw for parents who stay the evening.

Soccer/volleyball nets:  Need to transfer $8  .    from the Pinnacle savings account into the checking account. Hugh has the sizes to make the frames.


  Frozen Food:  $9487.00 + $32.00  in sales. Should be in on the 20th so we can group them up and get them out before break.

  Window Clings:  Teresa had MK-8 window clings made that we can sell at games for $1.00 each

Need to get account updates from LuAnn; Angie will need money for Harvest Festival Ads.

Had one shirt returned for damage – gave a refund of $12.00

Meeting ended at 5:00 pm

Next meeting – December 3, 2018


Submitted by Allison, secretary

PAC Meeting

October 8, 2018

Meeting opened at 4:00 pm, present were:  Angie, Katie, Allison, Teresa, Michelle, Char, Phoebe, Sarah, and Chrissy.  Last month’s minutes were approved.

Teacher Appreciation:  Went well, teachers liked having meals available all three days. Parents and members helped set and clean up each day, was wonderful!  Teachers also appreciated the gift certificates to the Wolves Den.

Halloween Festival:  October 27th, 5-8 pm. Pirate theme for spook house.  Angie purchased the candy, and black rolls for the maze – Teresa and Katie also have some they will donate. Teresa will bring her corn hole game, and the toilet seat game. Char and Phoebe will do the cake walk and Allison and Katie will do tickets/candy. Angie still needs to talk to high school and get some teen helpers for actors and games. Can start setting up spook house that Monday, need help setting up maze Thur & Fri.  Allison will call parents for cake walk treats – ask them to put them on smaller plates/bags so there is more to hand out. Clean up Sunday afternoon.

Literacy Night:  November 8th, 6-8 pm.  Cat Urbigkit will be our author speaker this year, will cost $500.00. She will speak/answer question for 45 min. to 1 hour. Michelle will have the parents in the lunch room for a literacy talk first (will have 3 gift cards to Subway to give out to those who stay for the entire evening), while the kids go in gym to start on stations. When parents are done they will join us and Cat will speak – then kids will finish stations.  Origami dog, reading, and anti-bully stations.  Teresa has grant money to pay Cat, and order books to be handed out (Michelle will check into books, Allison will look for books from last year).

Soccer/volleyball nets:  Only need regulation size volleyball net, Teresa will have permanent poles set up. Angie will check into sizes available for soccer nets. Teresa will talk to Hugh at highschool to make metal frames – big enough to not be blown away, yet small enough to move for mowing.

T-Shirts:  Katie put the order in, should be here by the 16th. We made around $500.

Frozen Food:  Flyers will be handed out this week, will be due the 29th so we get shipment before Thanksgiving break.

Box Tops:  Angie will look for the rest of the light-up bracelets to give Allison, and Katie will go through magazines to order little gifts to put in a “treasure chest”.

Meeting adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Next meeting November 5th at u 4 pm.

Submitted by Allison; PAC secretary


PAC Meeting

September 20, 2018

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm with Angie, Katie and Allison present.

Teacher Appreciation:  since the school is trying different times this year, the meal will be on all three nights – Oct. 1, 2, and 4 from 3:30 – 6:30 pm. Will be serving super nachos – Allison will be providing the meat, cheese, chips, and sour cream.  Katie will pick up shredded lettuce and pico sauce, Angie will get plates, etc., Allison will ask Teresa to provide drinks.  Allison will call parents to bring cookies/bars. Angie’s daughter, Sarah, will set up the food, plates, etc. on each day, and Katie will clean up on Monday, ask a couple parents to clean up on Tues, Angie and Allison will clean up Thursday.  We decided to get 2 gift certificates, up to $3.00 each, from the Wolves Coffee Den for each staff member – to be redeemed the month of October. Katie’s mother-in-law will help make “Thank you/you made it” cards to place them in.

Halloween Festival:  October 27th from 5-8 pm. Angie went to the city council to ask permission to use the MTC gym and lower area, it was given. She will be setting up the week before, and needs help to set up the maze in the gym (will try using black weed prohibitor). Leslie will do the not so spooky area, the haunted house theme will be pirates.  Need to ask teens for help with games.

Literacy Night:  Allison will contact Cat Urbigkit to see if an evening in November will work (6,8,15,27,29). Ask if she, or someone else can bring sheep for a “petting zoo”.  Talk to be ½ hour, then questions/answers for 15 minutes. 

Reading station – one of her books

Puppy face station – fold and color a paper puppy

Guard against Bullying station – need to have for grant.  Maybe have little skits, make an anti-bullying chain, read a book on it

Get Cat’s books and some on bullying to raffle off.  Ask Teresa if Michelle needs to do a literacy talk, and if so, Allison will go to book store in Gillette and see if they have gift certificates to raffle off.

T-Shirts:  Received the orders, and Katie will turn them in

Frozen Food:  Angie has order forms to be handed out in October, due the 29th so food is in before Thanksgiving break.

Box Tops:  Miss Garrison’s Kindergarten class had the most box tops. Prizes will be wolves light-up wrist bands, Allison will hand them out. Later on we may also do root beer floats and get a “treasure chest” the students can pick from.

Spelling Bee:  Angie has received the paper work so she can get the school registered.

Teresa has asked us if we can buy soccer nets and a volleyball net (need to find out if v.b. net is to be permanent).  Angie will check on prices.  Angie looked in to the manipulative stands for the K/1 playground and they are too expensive, need to come up with some other idea.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Next meeting – October 8th at 4:00 pm.



PAC Minutes

August 6, 2018

Meeting opened at 4:00 pm with members Angie, Allison, and Teresa (for short time) present.  Last minutes were approved.


   Made changes to the parent help sheet to be put in the student packets.

   Angie received a letter about internet safety training, Allison will show it to Teresa to see if she is interested.

   Talked about the teacher appreciation meal. Need to get confirmation dates/times from Teresa.  Meal; sloppy joes with all the extras. One of us will talk to Emann at Diehl’s to see what kind of deal he can give us if we order the hamburger, small bags of chips, and buns through him.

   Talked about the teacher bags – either do a welcome back bag with pens, etc. to hand out, or wait until October and do a “you made it” gift card to Heidies, Caraboo coffee, and the other coffee place in town. Also talked about doing entire staff, not just teachers.

   Literacy night – September again?  Teresa has been in contact with Cat Urbigkit as our guest speaker. Possible petting zoo, plus reading stations and…

   Halloween Festival – October 27th. Talked about Angie possibly going to city council and chamber of commerce to take over or at least help in planning/implementing the festival since it is a community activity.

   Spelling Bee – February

   Game night – March

   Science Fair – April



   Gave LuAnn the T-shirt order sheet to be put in the student packets. Orders need to be returned by Sept. 18.

   Frozen Food – hand out sheets between Oct. 8/12, and due by the 24/26. Delivered before Thanksgiving break.



   Allison to talk to Courtney B. if she is still willing to help with box tops. We will buy treats/gifts for the top winners. Popcorn for other classes that participate.

   Swings are completed!  Teresa received funding from elsewhere to finish the project, so we still have a little over $800.00 in our Pinnacle account. Talked about feasibility of putting up play stands with hand manipulatives by the back corner steps of the K playground.


Meeting ended at 5:30 pm.

Next meeting September 10th, 2018 (unless one is called for before hand to discuss literacy night).


Submitted by Allison Ver Burg - secretary


PAC Minutes

May 7, 2018

Meeting began at 3:37 pm. In attendance; Mrs. Brown, Angie and Allison.  Minutes were read and approved.

Science Fair:  April 19th 6-7pm Teresa will be Einstein and choose the trophy winner. Students will set up projects Thursday morning, and then go through before the end of school to vote for their favorite.  Adults will vote at the fair that evening.  Allison will reserve gym, tables, and set up bowls etc. Angie and Katie will make the voting bowls.  Post-script:  Einstein winner – Trenten Gray and Carter Hatling, Students Choice –

Next year we need to get parents to help set up and record projects/voting bowls.

Awards:  Thursday, May 24th 9am.  Angie and Allison will hand out the Science fair awards (see above), and the spelling bee awards (1-3 grade; 1st Lorenzo Cherry, 2nd Macey Norris, 3rd Pyper Humpal / 4-8 grade; 1st Madison Riddle, 2nd Hailey Beasley, 3rd Lorenzo Cherry).  Allison gave names to LuAnn to order spelling trophies, Angie will have the ribbons for all other awards.

T-Shirts:  SPRT 017 Charcoal gray with green and white wolf and words

Box Tops:  Angie and Allison got them sorted and off to Trish to mail in.  LuAnn has top class winner awards this time, we need to do it next year.  Post-script:  Courtney Bartell has offered to help us with the tops; she will collect and cut them, plus Angie will contact a home health lady about some of her elders helping with that.  Trish will still do the popcorn, and next year only those who participate get popcorn, not the entire school.

Swings:  we have $800.00 in the Pinnacle account to go toward 4 more swings – Angie will sign over a check to Teresa (MK-8). Teresa will get all the necessary things ordered and they will go up this summer, including finishing the sawdust and wooden border.

Pens:  Janet Kanode gave us a pen fundraiser that she would not use.  Interested in also using them to stuff “goodie bags” for the teachers, along with other paraphernalia.


Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm

Next meeting in August to be determined

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


PAC Meeting
March 5, 2018

Meeting opened at 3:35 pm. Members present; Angie, Allison, and later
Teresa. Minutes from last meeting approved.

Spelling Bee: Monte could not judge, Cynthia Clonch instead. Winners 1st
- 4th; Lorenzo Cherry, Macey Norris, Pyper Humpal. Winners 5th - 8th;
Lorenzo Cherry, Hailey Beasly, Maddison Riddle. Angie gave top winners
folders with State Bee information and practice ideas. We will reimburse
those that go $100 after state. Talk about having our Bee back in the H.S.
auditorium - if not, put the spellers back on the stage and use chairs on
the floor for audience only (no bleachers). Allison compare with Angie how
many participated so she can order ribbons.

Swings: Too much hassle to move the handi-cap swing. Add on additional
banks to have more regular swings, Angie will check on prices for new
swings and supports. Teresa will check on getting more wood boundary

Box Tops: LuAnn will conact Trish Massie on when the tops are due.

Game Night: Tuesday, March 27th 6:30-7:30 pm. Allison will reserve gym,
tables and chairs. Angie will get games. Teresa will bring corn-hole
game. Allison and Katie will set up (maybe get a few others to help).

Teacher Appreciation Meal: Salad Bar; change of day to Tuesday, March
20th. Angie and Katie will bring lettuce, meat, ect - Allison will contact
parents for vegies, fruit, etc. and also bring some.

Parent/Teacher conferences: Monday - Junior High only; 3:30 - 6:30
Tuesday - All K-8; 3:30 -
6:30 (Meal & Book Fair)
Thursday - K-5 only; 3:30 -
6:00 (Book Fair)

Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm
Next meeting April 9th
Submitted by: Allison Ver Burg, secretary


PAC Meeting

February 5, 2018

Meeting opened at 3:35pm. Members present; Angie Peters, Katie Gray, Allison Ver Burg, and Mrs. Brown.

Minutes from last meeting were read and approved.

Missoula Theater:  Went very well!  Heard good comments from parents who viewed the shows - around 200 people came (total for both shows).  Made a profit of $1,185.00 to put towards the next show.  LuAnn sent the payment check off.  Next time we need to remember to reserve the auditorium from 8am-8pm for the whole week.  If people go to the first show, 2nd show will be half-price.  Try to have the assembly on Monday that it starts to rouse enthusiasm.

Spelling Bee:  Feb. 9 @ 6:30pm. Leslie M. will pronounce; judges are - Angie P., Monte R., Kourtney L., and Thayne G.  Allison typed up the list of spellers (who need to be at school at 6pm), and Angie will make the name tags.  Teresa will get two mics. Custodians will set up on the floor facing the bleachers. Top three students from the first round may advance to the next round.  Top three winners go to State competition, we will donate $100 toward motel/travel.

Swings:  they are up!!  Kids love playing on them, but the handi-cap swing is an issue. Discussed possibility of buying its own stand and moving it over to the kindergarten playground.  Local sawmills donated the wood chips, and will also donate the logs to go around as a border.  Will cost $1,100 to fix the remaining bank of swing frames, no time-frame on that yet.  PAC is willing to order the extra swings.

FFA is going to install a frisbee golf course in the grassy hill northwest of the building.

LuAnn asked if we would be willing to take over the Box Top program.  Agreed.  We will take over starting in March.  Need to contact Trish Massie to make sure she is still willing to help coordinate.  Make sure paper sheets are handed out to students (keep in groups of 50 when sorting), choose a new "prize" for the winning class, and put the popcorn bags down to only classes who participate - not whole school.

Game Night:  March 27th, 6:30pm - 7:30pm.  Angie will get more games.

Katie will check on how much a science guy costs to come do an assembly.

Teacher Appreciation:  March 22 (Thurs. only).  Salad bar -  Angie and Katie both know what to get, Allison will contact parents to bring the rest.

Angie has the glow bracelets we earned from frozen food  - Katie will start to sell them at games when possible.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm

Next meeting - March 5th, 2018

Submitted by:  Allison Ver Burg, secretary


January 8, 2018

PAC Meeting

Meeting opened at 3:44 pm.  In attendance; Angie, Katie and Allison.

December meeting canceled because of weather.

Missoula Children's Theater:  1/21/18 - 1/27/18  Paid $500 deposit, owe $2,400 - will be sent out after play.  Johnna Ferguson will house the actors, Angie will meet with them on the 21st, then take them to her house.  Angie will get flyers to Allison to send out to students and put up around the school, and make sure the high school auditorium will be opened..  Angie will also put an ad in the paper announcing the auditions and other info on the play.  Auditions are Mon. after school at the High School auditorium, practices are Tue-Fri 3:30-5:30 and 6-8, the shows will be on Sat. the 27th at 3:00 and 5:30 - performers are at the school in the a.m. for dress rehearsal, Angie will ask the Booster club if they will be willing to provide a snack bag for the kids.

Angie will help in the afternoon/evening practices, Allison will ask if a couple parents or teens can also help.  Allison will also ask parents and high school students to help for the day on Saturday with make-up, costumes, and crowd control. Allison will also find someone to do lights for the show, and ask Ann Sundstrom to take tickets on Saturday, ask Stevie if she can help, and look if she has a phone number for Brock (pianist) to give to Angie.  Ticket prices will remain the same as last year.

Spelling Bee:  Feb. 9th @ 6:30 pm.  Teacher's in class Bees need to be completed the last week of January and the names given to Allison by Feb. 1st.   Splitting the grades different this year:  1st-4th grades  3 winners per class; 5th-8th grades   6 winners per grade (teachers need to make sure the winners are willing to be in the Bee, and willing to go to State).  Angie will get the spelling list out to teachers, and talk to Leslie Mashak to be the pronouncer.  Allison will reserve the gym, chairs, tables, etc. , and get judges lined up. 

Teresa:  Which "perk" does she want to use the week of the play; ask to be a spelling judge (no); why aren't the swings up yet (waiting for wood chips to arrive); are parent/teacher conferences going to be the same for Jr. High, is there a possibility of changing it to two evenings for the younger grades?

Meeting adjourned at 5 pm.

Next meeting Monday, February 5th

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


November 6, 2017

PAC Minutes

Meeting opened at 3:35 pm.  Those attending; Angie, Katie, Allison, Mrs. Brown.

Minutes were accepted.

Homework help night re-cap:  Only 7-10 parents came, but those that did were appreciative of the advice and help they received from the teachers - so they in turn can help their children better at home.

Teacher Appreciation:  Soups were delicious and very appreciated by the teachers. Parents brought fruit, vegies and desserts to round out the meal. Fridaymorning treats were wonderful (a special thank you to Jackie!).

Treat Street:  very well attended!  All who came had a good time and left with lots of goodies. 204 people went through the maze (which was a big hit - maybe make taller next year, and use a different material to wrap it in), and 261 went through the haunted house. Made $710 to go towards next years event. Angie will look into getting a few more games for the older kids.

Frozen Food: will be delivered at 1:00pm Tuesday the 14th.  School messenger sent out to remind pick-up after school. Total $4,105 (not sure of our take yet).

Spelling Bee fee paid

Missoula Children's Theater:  Jan. 1/21 - 1/27.  Need one or two homes for the theater leaders, must have own bedrooms and personal bathroom.  Ask; Cynthia Clonch, Dale Petersen, Mary Farnsworth, Rosalee Brimmer.  Brock agreed to be accompanist again this year. Need to get a parent sign up sheet for each evening and especially play days.  Find out who provided the snack sacks last year and if they will do it again.

Teresa let us know that the swings will be set in the ground over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately two more bars were bent, so not all of them will be put up -  will cost around $1,000 a piece to fix, so will work on getting replacements next year.  Cannot use the spongy material because it will not drain properly, so decided to use bark with some kind of "curb" to keep it in; Niemens will do the bark (and replace it in 5 years, for mold prevention).

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm.

Next meeting; December 4th, 2017

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary



PAC Meeting

October 2, 2017

3:30 pm

In attendance; Mrs. Brown, Angie, Katie, Allison, Char, and Gaba Smith.  Minutes from last month were gone over and approved.

Mrs. Brown asked to talk about the Advance Ed visit on the 3rd - she also asked if we as parents would be willing to come to school to take a short survey with the representatives.

Homework Help night for parents:  Will need to happen in October if we want Mrs. Albertson to teach.  Discussed having a lower grade teacher also help and Mrs. Brown said she would ask Mrs. Davis. She would also get a list together of the sites the school uses that parents can use at home as a help for parents.  Decided to have it on Tuesday, October 17th from 6-7pm.  Will provide some older teenagers as babysitters if necessary (Angie will ask Darcy Sams if FCCLA kids will help).

Teacher Appreciation:  October 26th meal, soups/27th breakfast treats.  Mrs. Brown - beef stew, Angie - corn chowder and ham/bean, Allison - chicken soup, Char - cheesy potato, Gaba - chili, Katie - bread, Phoebe - bread, school - drinks.  Allison will call parents to bring sides, desserts, and breakfast treats.

T-shirts:  sold 113 pieces for $1600, cost was $1115 - made a profit this year of around $400.

Frozen food:  Packets were sent home with the students, selling to begin the 3rd through the 19th.  Food will be here Nov. 19th - will need helpers to sort food and put together orders.  Need to put out a notice it MUST be picked up that day, cannot keep it at the school.  

Halloween Festival:  Saturday, October 28th 5-7:30 pm (shortened the time so the gym can be used for a dance at 8:00 pm).  Subway donated 3 dozen cookies that Angie will package for the cake walk. Angie will be going to Sams club to get the candy, she also went to the City and was approved to use the community gym at no cost.  Students can show up at the gym that week after school to help set up.  Angie has talked to all the teachers for helpers of the games (reminder that Angie will bring chili, Katie drinks, and Allison dessert for them that night).  Allison will call parents for desserts for the cake walk.

Spelling Bee:  money was transferred to the credit card to pay the entrance fee.

Meeting adjourned at 4:56 pm.

Next meeting - November 6th, 3:30 pm

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


PAC Meeting

Sept. 18, 2017

3:30 pm

In attendance; Mrs. Brown, Angie, Katie, Stevie and Allison. Last month minutes were gone over and approved. 

Literacy Night recap:  Around 150 students and family members joined us to listen and meet "Hank the Cowdog" author John Erickson.  Night went very well, every one had a good time.  Need to use a different sound system for the book walk next time.  Mary Farnsworth had several parent surveys filled out, and the two top concerns or desire for help is with computer skills and homework skills (especially math). Discussed having a teaching class for parents plus a math night.

Halloween Festival: October 28th.  Angie has  contacted FCCLA, NHS, FFA and Student Councils for help with games and spook house, she will also go to the City council meeting to ask for use of the Community Building on that night.  She is looking into having a maze this year.  Supper will be available for helpers: Angie- chilli, Katie- drink, Allison- dessert.  Allison call parents for desserts for cake walk. 

Spelling Bee:  Cost has gone up this year, approved to send in the $151 for registration before Oct. 16th. Teresa will make sure the money is transfered from our account to the school credit card to pay on-line.  Allison will ask Gina Dewey if she might be interested in the Britannica Online for her social studies class.

Swings:  The metal for the new legs is in ($175 - Teresa put in a p.o. for this out of our account), needs to be fabricated.  Teresa designated and measured the area in the grass field for the soft-fall material and concrete.  We are hoping there is enough soft-fall material left from Sundance that we do not have to purchase much, if any.  Teresa will talk to contractors about donating time to put in the concrete. 


     T-Shirts:  Parent orders are in and Katie will put the whole order together to send to the company

     Frozen Food:  Sell during Oct. 3-19th, orders will be here on Nov. 14th - will need help to sort and hand out that day.             School reach needs to go out to remind parents to pick them up, cannot store them at the school.

Meeting adjourned around 4:30 pm

Next meeting - Oct. 2nd, 3:30 pm

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary


Start : 3:35pm

Attendance : Char, Phoebe, Angie, Katie

No mins from last meeting present

Literacy Night : Sept 5th 6-7 pm Books such as Charlie the ranch dog, Sheep in a jeep, ect. Cowboy/girl Theme. Katie will speak with Pastor Monty and Voy to see about a roping dummy, helping with station(s), and a wagon for photo op out front of school. 

*** Katie has spoken Pastor Monty and he has agreed to bring the roping dummy, wagon and help with station. 

Halloween Festival: Pirate Ship Theme  Ask Chamber to volunteer and help with candy supply. Have a new station a maze charge $1 (?) Check with Home Depot, Menards, Knect, ect for donations. Check into Balls pit balls for dunk tank.

T-shirts : 24 Sweatshirts need to be sold to get that price. 

Frozen food: a go 

Swings: No update

Next Meeting Sept. 11th 3:30

End Meeting aprox : 4:25


Parent Advisory Meeting

June 14, 2017

Meeting opened at 1:00 pm with Angie, Katie, Allison, Principal Brown, Char, and Phoebe. Angie gave the amounts in our accounts: School Account - $4,795.60, Pinnacle Account - $366.81, Playground Account - $830.73.

The group was happy to have join us Teresa Brown, the new MK-8 Principal.

We went over previous minutes and it was approved as is. Past events: Laser Tag - cost $500, all went well and the kids/adults really enjoyed it! Could use more adult supervision if done again, ask parents to help. The owner, Sterling, would like to have a lunch break next time; we agreed to compensate him $50 for not getting one.

Science Fair - Mrs. Cote Kindergarten class won the Einstein Award, 6th grade Pepsi Volcano won student choice, and 3rd grade Huff & Puff Houses won parent choice.

Literacy Night - since we had to change the night last minute to May 8th due to weather, only had 13 students. Jenna Thomas read to younger students, Emily Ver Burg read to older students plus watched part of the same story on video, had a coloring station and picture taking area. Will keep all decorations for future use.

Future planning: Teresa agreed it would be nice to have more teacher involvement/input in PAC, she said she would help in this area. Teresa will also check on the swing set situation so we can get parts and hopefully put it up this year. Spelling Bee info will be coming soon; we liked the new trophies, Sundance has someone who can engrave names on them. Agreed to not continue putting on a Holiday Bazaar.

Game Night - need to purchase more games for older students.

Literacy Night - Possibly hook up with Author (Hank the Cowdog) Reads night in September, ask FFA to help. Missoula Children's Theater - Jan 22-27, 2018; $500 down payment has been paid. Look into Arts Council for future grants.

Craft Night - ask teachers to show/teach and help make crafts for students to give as Christmas gifts, do in November. Fundraising: Frozen Food - Liberty Fundraising October 3-19, delivered Nov. 13th. T-Shirts - went with design by Spirit Wear, black with ghosted wolf/green eyes.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm.

Next meeting August 14th at 3:30 pm in teacher lounge

Submitted by Allison Ver Burg, secretary