Kindergarten through Seventh Grade will be having their Christmas Concert on December 12.

More information will be coming soon!



Dear 4th and 5th grade parents,

                      You are getting this notice to inform you that band is starting October 9th.   Many of you already have instruments or are in the process of renting an instrument. There is still plenty of time if you wish to rent an instrument. Haggerty’s in Rapid City / Gillette still has instruments available to rent. I highly encourage you to rent your child’s instrument until they know for sure that they do not want to switch to another instrument. Just a reminder that guitar or drums is not an option this year in band. Some students will get to play the drums but they must learn a band instrument first. The school does have a few instruments to rent, however you will get a better quality instrument by renting from Haggertys. Also please DO NOT BUY an instrument from amazon. The instruments there are of really cheap quality and if they break you cannot get parts for them. They also do not create the best sound. Learning a new instrument is hard enough and I do not want the student to also be fighting the instrument.


Here is the link for Haggertys https://www.haggertysmusic.com/

Here is the link for the instrument spreadsheet. On it I put the student’s instrument choice and whether or not they will rent, buy or if they have their own. I tried to give all students their first choice. If you see a mistake please email me or comment on the google docs page and I will fix it. Also some students did not put a choice down. Please email me with an instrument choice. As of now the trumpet section is full so if you could please choose an instrument other than trumpet that would be great. If you have any questions please email me at grondind@crook1.com.



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Extra-Curricular Calendar

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